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School Sucks

x Basics x
x Name ::  Jessica

x Birthday/age ::  5.1.90~14
x Grade ::  9th..freshman
x Location :: Baltimore, MD
x Hobbies/interests :: Hanging out with friends, reading, mallin', writing, listening to music
x Describe yourself in 3 words ::  Outgoing, Caring, Funny

x Favorites x
x Color :: Red

x movie :: The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Forest Gump
x tv show ::  The OC, Summerland, MTV
x Class Subject ::  Art & English
x Food ::  Buffalo Chicken (strips, wings, etc.)
x Animal :: Zebra

x OpinionS x
x Abortion ::
I would never do this even if I was raped..I see why some people might not want that painful reminder but it's still an innocent child and I can't help but think it's selfish to take away a child's life because it's painful for you--you could always put it up for adoption.
x Eating Disorders :: It's sad that people feel the need to throw up their food or stop eating or binge because of the social demand to have a skinny body which seems to be a very high cause. People should be happy with who they are and if they want to loose weight they should at least try to do it healthy-by eating healthy and excersizing-instead of hurting their body.
x Gay Marriage :: I am against it as a Christian but I'm not about to tell people they can't get married if they love each other. I don't agree with the lifestyle but they are people too.
x Love :: I think love is a beautiful thing. There are different types of love: love between friends, unconditional love, and being in love with someone to name a few. They are all something I like to experience and look forward to experience in the future. <lj-cut text="Freshman!">
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