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school sucks!

x Basics x
x Name :: sabirna <3
x Birthday/age :: september 21/ 16
x Grade :: going to be a junior this fall
x Location :: Illinois
x Hobbies/interests :: going shopping, hanging out with my friends, movies, cosmetology, abercrombie and fitch, hollister co, guess? tanning, vacations, florida, swimming, music, singing, dancing, modeling, driving around, pep club, uhh did i mention shopping?
x Describe yourself in 3 words :: fun, random, and friendly
x Favorites x
x Color :: pink!! <33
x movie :: the notebook, the wedding singer, sling blade, all the pixar movies, and now and then  
x tv show :: newlyweds, ashlee simpson show, anything on vh1, trading spouses, simple life 2, anything on E
x Class Subject :: hmmm cosmetology
x Food :: grilled cheese, you can never go wrong, french fries,...and skittles if that counts.
x Animal :: puppies!!

x OpinionS x
x Abortion :: i think its wrong no matter what the situation is. if you cant handle a baby then put it up for adoption so the baby can at least still have a life, and a family who is ready will take care of it. 
x Eating Disorders :: its not right..just eat when your hungry and stop when ur full, i dont understand y some ppl cant do that. 
x Gay Marriage :: i'm not against it. if they love eachother that much they should have the right to marry .
x Love :: thats a powerful word! i believe theres someone out there for everyone. love isnt always about sex, its that feeling you get when you see that certain someone in the room, like your going to throw up..its great isnt it? lol

sry i dont have a scanner right now for pictures :(


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