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school sucks

you guys might want to take the image of the survey in the profile out because when i fill out surveys in communities, i just copy and paste it in to here and it might cause someone to not want to do it.
for this one though i just copied and pasted from someone else's.

just so you all know i probably won't be very active.

Name: marisa
Birthday/age: 16, 8/21/88
Grade: 11th/junior
Location: santa rosa, california
Hobbies/interests: horseback riding, webdesign (though i have not done it in 09282974 years, i sort of lost interest in it, so that would make it not an interest, eh?)
Describe yourself in 3 words: i hate having to do this. i never know what to say.

Color: i've got many. orange and black (massive san francisco giants fan.) red blue
movie: titanic, catch me if you can
tv show: the oc
Class Subject: english and history
Food: i don't really have a favorite food.
Animal: same as above

Abortion: i'm pro-choice. if someone wants to get an abortion, so be it. it's their body, they can do whatever they want witg it.
Eating Disorders: i honestly don't know what i think about it. i haven't given it much thought. i mean i agree with most people that it's sad people have to resort to it to lose weight/other reasons, but i just don't have enough thought.
Gay Marriage: i'm for. love is love, it doesn't matter if it's same sex or heterosexual couple.
Love: love is a wonderful thing. i hate to sound corny, but i think it is important to love and be loved.. etc. i've never been in love, so i wouldn't know that type, but i have gotten that feeling where you love everything/everyone and you're just so loved, nothing could go wrong. it's such a great feeling.
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