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school sucks

x Basics x
x Name :: Vicky
x Birthday/age :: 11.8.90~13
x Grade :: 8th..freshman
x Location :: Virgnia
x Hobbies/interests :: Hanging out with friends, reading, mallin', writing, listening to music, singin, playin guitar & clarinet, being silly...being a band dork.
x Describe yourself in 3 words :: Crazy, Caring, Nice

x Favorites x
x Color :: Blue
x movie :: A Walk To Remember
x tv show :: Summerland, TrL
x Class Subject :: English & Band
x Food :: Pizza
x Animal :: Horse

x OpinionS x
x Abortion :: Just did it to yourself...but if you got raped n ur young yeah its okay. if ur older i think its not right im mean ur old enough..u can take care of the you'll know your whole life that u did that to ur first kid...n what if you got something wrong with you that you couldnt have any more kids?

x Eating Disorders :: I dont like this. i mean you dont have to be skinny..throwing up food is dumb. if you want to be excise more.

x Gay Marriage :: If they love eachother. I dont think their is anything wrong with it. I mean sayin they cant get married is like telling me n sum guy that we cant love eachother nor get married.

x Love :: Love can suck or it can be really sweet n awesome. depending on what guy your with. it can leave you lonely. but it can bring back your hope. love...friendship...crushes....everything. even tho love hurts me alot...i still love it (:

x Pics: i'll post em up...when i get my webcam! (:
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